New Package: partools

I mentioned last week that I would be putting together a package, based in part on my posts on Snowdoop.  I’ve now done so, in a package partools, with the name alluding to the fact that they are intended for use with the cluster-based part of R’s parallel package.  The main ingredients are:

  • Various code snippets to faciltate parallel coding.
  • A debugging tool for parallel coding.
  • The Snowdoop functions I posted earlier.
  • Code for my “Software Alchemy” method.

Still in primitive form, can stand some fleshing out, but please give it a try.  I’ll be submitting to CRAN soon.

2 thoughts on “New Package: partools”

  1. Very much intrigued by the previous two posts. Moused over the link, and saw it was a tar ball instead of a Github repo. Then stopped looking at it any further 😦 #TheGithubGeneration

    1. Oh, Yihui, I thought you were going to say you were turned off by the fact that the tar ball has length 8105 bytes. And who could blame you? 🙂 At least it begins with ‘8’. 🙂

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