My Free Online Tutorial on R

I’m continuing to add more lessons to my free online R tutorial, 17 of them so far, adding more from time to time. Aimed specifically at nonprogrammers, though those with C or Python background should find it helpful too. Comments and suggestions welcome!

3 thoughts on “My Free Online Tutorial on R”

  1. I found your comparative assessment of R and Python very helpful> I have been struggling for some time to decide which to commit myself to learning. I came down on the side of R. I then engaged in another more difficult struggle to find the best means of learning the language on a self taught basis. The books and online tutorials are all over the place and after much research and many false starts I settled on your “Art of R Programming”. I came to this decision even though I felt the material was beyond my capabilities. However, I chose the book because it challenges me to think and to struggle to learn. Is there a place where I can reach out to you if I get truly stuck on my journey? BTW your commentary of the HB1 issue is illuminating.

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