Prob/Stat for Data Sci: Math + R + Data

My new book, Probability and Statistics for Data Science: Math + R + Data, pub. by the CRC Press, was released on June 24!

This book arose from an open-source text I wrote and have been teaching from. The open source version will still be available, though rather different from the published one.

This is a math stat book, but different from all others, as the subtitle states: Math + R + Data. Even the topic ordering is rather different, with a goal of bringing in data science-relevant material as early as possible.

I’ve placed an excerpt from the book at I believe it epitomizes the intent and style of the book. Also, I’ve placed the front matter at 

15 thoughts on “Prob/Stat for Data Sci: Math + R + Data”

  1. Valuable book hits the sweet spot between computation, math and stats. I’m finding the topic mix to be well thought out. Is there a list of corrections, perhaps on the way?

  2. Hi, I have recently started your book, and I am really enjoying it! Are the solutions of the exercises available somewhere?
    Thank you very much!

      1. Thank you very much, I appreciate it!
        My background is not on maths and stats so the solutions are really helpful for feedback.

      1. Dear Norman Matloff, I know you are working on The Art of Data Science and regtools, but maybe one of your students can post his solutions to the exercises in PSforDS.

        1. I do have some solutions, at It’s true that I need more. If there are any problems of particular interest to you, I’ll write those up right away.

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