50% Draft of Forthcoming Book Available

As I’ve mentioned here a couple of times, I am in the midst of writing a book, From Linear Models to Machine Learning: Regression and Classification, with Examples in R. As has been my practice with past books, I have now placed a 50% rough draft of the book on the Web.

You will see even from this partial version that I take a very different approach than do the many existing books on the subject. Hopefully you will agree that it is not just different, but better.

The book draws a lot on my regtools package of R tools.

Suggestions, praise, criticisms etc. would be highly appreciated.

5 thoughts on “50% Draft of Forthcoming Book Available”

  1. Thanks for sharing — looking forward to reading it. Looking at the table of contents, I guess there will be no coverage of time to event (survival) models?

    1. Still a work in progress. I have indeed thought about covering Cox regression etc., and may do so, but I also have to keep the thing from becoming 500 pages long.

  2. Read chapter 1 -amazing so far.. definitely fills some gaps missing in other texts on the topic. I would certainly purchase digital copy of this book.

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